Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Monday Morning

I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine.

Did you know that I've received two reviews on Raine from my ARC readers on Goodreads so far? Did you also know that they've been 5 star reviews so far? Can I just tell you how stoked I am to hear that my ARC readers are enjoying my work and I hope you will too. 

Here is what people are saying about Raine:

"With a beautiful name and beautiful premise, Raine, is a fresh contemporary fantasy that makes the gift of controlling the elements along with other surprises from the fey and fantasy realms feel like every day, normal reality." Danielle Thorne, author of Death Cheater and Cheated.

"It takes a gifted writer to snare the reader from the first page of a story. M.M. Roethig does just that in Raine, crafting a hero and heroine who will capture your heart and have you championing them along..."  Linda Boulanger, author of Dance with the Enemy

“Refreshing tale of love, betrayal, and spectacular feats. Unputdownable with a cast of characters so real, you’d wish they could live on past the pages.” ~Elizabeth Mueller, author of Darkspell.

Would you care for a teaser?

Pain shot through her head as she came to.  The events of yesterday were a blur. Raine gingerly blinked her eyes against the blackness. She tried to lift a hand to touch the throbbing pain on the back of her head only it wouldn’t move. 
       Cobwebs in her mind slowly cleared as memories fought to come to the surface, but lay just beyond her reach. Confusion made her shake with fear.
       The room was uncomfortably hot and the smell of musty old wood accosted her. She shook her head against the smell and paid with another stab of pain in her head, making her eyes water. 
       Raine blinked the tears swiftly away and waited for her vision to come into focus in the dark room. 
       The marking on her wrist began to glow, softly at first, slowly growing in intensity until the darkness faded away. 
       She knew her fear made her marking come to life. She also knew he would be close.
       Thoughts of him opened her mind and Raine shuddered when her memories finally hit her with full force. 
       He tricked her. The one person she thought she could trust betrayed her. He was the reason she was here, and she couldn’t stop the overwhelming despair that threatened to crush her heart. 
       With deep breaths, Raine tried to curb the sting in her chest as she took in her surroundings. 
       The room was dark with pitch-black curtainless windows in the far corner, which meant it was the dead of night. Outside the window she could make out the shapes of trees, thick trees that blocked the faint light of the moon. 
       A blast of heat accosted her directly in the face, making her feel weak. She fought the urge to sleep as she furiously blinked against the warmth that somehow drained her instantly. Her marking slowly faded as weakness enveloped her and it became harder to keep her eyes open. She was going to lose the battle. She could feel the subtle pull of the moon and struggled desperately to hold onto the strength it provided, but she was too weak to pull from its energy. 
       A faint light appeared under the door in front of her and she heard faint creaks in the wood just beyond the door that held her prisoner. Someone was coming. She fought against her heavy lids as the door opened and light flooded into the small room. 
       A shadow, tall and lean, sauntered into the room and Raine strained to see his face. She wanted to look in his eyes and find the answers to her questions. She needed to know who wanted her so much. She needed to know why.
       The shadow stepped closer and Raine let out a weak gasp. 
       “You?” Confusion warred with reason inside her head as her neck gave way and her head slumped forward, eyes closed. 
       Laughter followed her into the blackness.

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